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Supporting the real estate investment industry is one of the main goals of our business.

Recognized as a leading company within the limits of the worldwide real estate industry, we embrace the work in numerous jurisdictions such as international holdings and administration pertaining to property firms, in line with fund administration.

We cooperate with you to analyze your business and offer comprehensive support by taking care of your daily administration functions which take your valuable time.
Over the last ten years, we have obtained extensive experience in supporting complicated multi-jurisdictional investment structures. At present, we work with more than 40% of the Global PERE Top 50 ranking of the largest Real Estate Investment Managers.
Our real estate investment services include accounting, domiciliary and management services, reporting and consolidation services, fund administration services, corporate legal and secretarial services, loan servicing and tax compliance.
We are ready to take the intricacy out of your daily business processes, empowering you to center on your main business and to stay confident that the management of your investment structure is really in good hands.


Our Investment Model

At LaSale, we are focused on discovering the proper atmosphere, in the sound market, and at the appropriate pricing. We have centered on the long-term, single-family value-added investments which offer the powerful potential of growth.

    We underwrite relying on the actual condition of the property, not the future assessment;
    The property must have an important value-added component;
    Desirable location with positive market trends;
    The market must have existing barriers to entry;
    Conservative underwriting and projections;
    We do not overestimate investment properties.

Real estate investing program opens a great number of long-time investment opportunities in our present rich market.

Realizing the distinction betwixt investing in rental properties can be a complex challenge and has to be dealt with care and patience.
Oftentimes, we hear terrible stories from investors about bad deals. Being trustworthy investment managers, we provide investors with a catching alternative for capital retention and growth — joint venture investments.

Contrary to a majority of investment companies which hire third-party fee managers, we are proud to manage our financial investment properties on our own.
This helps us improve communication, negotiation, and action between the onsite management and investment strategy.
For many years, we have been renovating and managing residential investment properties. This helps LaSale Property Management to provide accredited investors with a comprehensive investment service.

We help our clients to invest in the most profitable properties. Before that, we do a lot of work and analyze real estate from all sides, look for its strengths and weaknesses, and work for the benefit of our clients. Our task is to choose for you the most suitable investment object that will bring you the maximum profit.

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