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LaSale has over 25 years of experience and successful practice in the investment industry. We strive to build long-term relationships with clients through a competitive investment performance.
LaSale creates everlasting, reliable real estate projects of any complexity to allow all our investors and partners enjoy the benefits of a successful deal.
At LaSale, our crew of experienced specialists and affiliates combine and apply every effort to provide clients with exceptional investment opportunities in diverse, thriving real estate markets all over the country. We take pride in carefully selecting reliable investment projects which grow and prosper during all economic cycles over some time.


As a full-service investment company, we regularly cooperate with clients' consultants, accountants, lawyers, and real estate planners to ensure mutual trust and experience while structuring and implementing all our residential or commercial real estate agreements. With over eight decades of combined experience, our team gradually expands and strives to break the common boundaries within the industry sector, creating long-term, trustworthy relationships with our investors.
Since the real estate industry revives again and our economy strengthens, many critical and advantageous opportunities abound. We’re here to connect those opportunities with our affiliates and investors.
We work with different clients, from individuals that have no experience in investments to large corporations seeking to diversify their investment portfolio. We believe in individual approach and modern investment strategies that help our clients earn more and prosper. Join us and see how we work!


Transparency and honesty in giving feedback are crucial for all of us to break the boundaries.



Our business means that quality oftentimes entails a trade-off amid pace and excellence.


Risk Taking

We value the need for new learning experience, we strive to build a safe environment.


Thriving in Change

Increase our effectiveness and grow our success in such an unsteady environment.


How Did We Develop and Grow?

Our history started more than 25 years ago.

1995 \ First steps

  • Gregory Hunter and Jeremy Freeman, two former colleagues at the legendary..

    Bass Family Office, open the first LaSale office. Two years later, LaSale moves its offices from Los Angeles to San Francisco’s main financial district, a location that proved to be rather favorable since the city gradually turns into a global technology center.

1998 \ New horizons

  • LaSale turns to be one of the few private equity companies to start investing in China and..

    finding new opportunities to invest throughout the continent with the creation of a special Asia fund.

2000 \ Innovation

  • LaSale releases a new company website, a great sample of LaSale’s inside culture of...

    aspiration for innovation and development of investment opportunities. It is the first business created by LaSale, but others follow, including film studio STX Entertainment and Evolution Media Partners, an investment partnership with Creative Artists Agency and Participant Media.

2006 \ Big Ideas

  • LaSale launches a LaSale Growth, a middle-market and growth equity platform...

    headed by Christopher McCalahan, which involves a devoted highly trained team along with the larger LaSale platform. LaSale Growth’s previous investments comprise SpaBeauty and SurveyMonkey, and such present investment like Philz Coffee, a San Francisco's favorite ready to expand its business across the world.

2010 \ Future Sigh

  • LaSale successfully invests in road-sharing platform Uber, and the next year invests in...

    Airbnb, a growing home-sharing platform. LaSale becomes the first worldwide disjunctive asset platform to invest in these prospective companies, which become analogous with industry disruption. 2013 is a year of launching of the LaSale ART, a fund dedicated to disjunctive and renewable technologies.

2017 \ Impact

  • LaSale launches The Rise Fund, a global powerful fund headed by LaSale Growth which is...

    dedicated to reaching environmental and social influence along with financial returns. The Rise Fund engages a strategical co-investment cooperation with the investing company Elevar Equity and works with The BridgeKing Group to develop a thorough evaluation methodology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to stay the leading investment company across the world and to deliver competitive investment performance. We will use our leadership and resources by partnering with various socially responsible institutions to improve and enrich the lives of people.


Meet Our Proffesional Team

We hire only the best analysts and investment managers.


Tom Johnson

CEO & Managing Member

Tom Johnson, a CEO and Managing Member, is also the co-founder and President of LaSale, an LA-based investment management company with over $100 billion of assets under management.


Gregory Morris


Gregory Morris, a President of LaSale, oversees all investment activities of the firm and is responsible for its growth. Prior to founding LaSale, Gregory was a Senior Manager at Barclays Capital.


Jack Pool

Vice President, Portfolio Management

Jack Pool, as a Vice President, is in charge of managing the firm's multifamily portfolio and assists in new acquisitions. Prior to joining LaSale, Nick was the Acquisitions Manager at Starpint Properties.


Sam Hunter

Vice President

Before joining our team, Sam Hunter worked as an Acquisitions Associate at Blick&Rick Real Estate company. Hunter was responsible for the acquisition of over $180 million of real estate assets.


Our Key Clients

Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank.



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Carmell Therapeutics

Carmell Therapeutics is a branch of the Carnegie Mellon University that commercializes patented technology which allows the production of biologically active plastics from blood plasma to treat bone and connective tissue injuries.


PEM Holding Co

PEM Holding Co. is a holding company of Penn Engineering corporation, which itself is a leading global producer of specialty fasteners, proudly serving automotive and electronics industry.


Black Dog Ventures

Black Dog Ventures was established in 1998 by Tom Newman, the majority owner. As well as affiliates, Black Dog has twenty five food and beverage facilities in six large airports in the USA.



Xibus is a company that specializes in food and beverage safety. This company creates solutions for microbiological testing to be used against allergens, spoilage organisms, and pathogens.


Simcoach Games

Simcoach Games is a global leader in coaching next-generation workforce on a new way of delivering practical learning to companies through gamification and other similar practices.



Pepperweed is a leading provider of custom packaged solutions for Hewlett-Packard software products, which they applied by building long-lasting relationships with other partners for delivery.



SpIntellx is a branch of Pittsburgh University, specializing in computational pathology. It develops new artificial intelligence tools based on spatial analytics and works closely with universities.

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